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98B is a community + network + library + kitchen. Established in January 2012 as a response to the need for alternative art and creative venues in Manila, 98B is a setting where artists and creative individuals from other disciplines can interact and work together while presenting art and other creative endeavors in different ways; be it a talk, a bazaar, a publication, a meal or a simple gathering. We are a site for creative sharing, discussion and collaboration,

98B is a multi-disciplinary COLLABoratory.  We seek to establish a convergence among artists, designers, curators, writers, musicians, film makers, educators, researchers, cultural workers, performers, architects, students and the general public. 

98B is a linkage. Through its various programs and activities, partnerships and affiliations are formed.  It is a nexus that stimulates communication, promotes diversity and upholds creative engagements. 



98B hosts and initiates art talks and project presentations that aim to educate and involve the participants in an exchange of perspectives and experiences.  Local and foreign artists, curators, urban planners, designers, and the like, share their projects and present their ideas to the creative community.  


This is an artist-exchange program geared towards establishing a creative network.  It endeavours to assist and collaborate with artists and curators in the course of their research, project, presentation or production.  The program aims to build a meaningful and multi-layered cultural exchange where an individual can explore his/her practice in a different environment and set of resources.


It is a bazaar, garage sale, thrift shop, black market and meeting place.  Artists, craft makers, designers and hoarders sell their wares: from artworks, limited edition or hand-made clothes, bags, jewellery, accessories, toys, zines, CDs, stickers, cookies to unwanted things.  Supporting the FUTURE MARKET helps enable these individuals to sustain their art practice.


The program tries to infuse design into everyday context and its utilitarian purpose for the area around 98B.  It is an experimental laboratory and platform that endeavors to share, exchange and explore ideas between, artists, designers, architects and the local community.


The OPEN LIBRARY is an aggregate of art books, journals, magazines, exhibition catalogues, brochures, posters, invitations, audio recordings and videos.  It aspires to establish a free and open repository of art references for individuals looking for more information on specific concepts, designs, works of local and foreign artists.  


The DESIGN STUDIO is ready and equipped to provide exceptional work in creating art catalogues, and print.  The design team is composed of skilled professionals who are proficient in graphic and web design.  This helps in sustaining 98B’s activities and in funding the operational costs required in running the space.