After Fukushima

Talk by Jong Pairez, Kaori Yoshida & Nobu Nishikimi 

98B COLLABoratory

413 Escolta St. First United, Escolta, Manila 

5 October 2013


In 1945 U.S. tested their atom bombs against actual targets – Hiroshima and Nagasaki was virtually wiped out. Those who survived endured fatal diseases and became popularly known as Hibakusha. Sixty-­‐six years later same catastrophe repeated but the bomb exploded right next in the doorstep of Post-­‐industrial Japan. Experts say Fukushima nuclear crisis is at par with Chernobyl.
The said catastrophe alarmed the general population especially young Japanese people. They mobilized, lobbied and creatively expressed their thoughts and desire to rethink nuclear dependent and anthropocentric lifestyle. In this talk event (talk as performance art) our guests from Fukushima and Tokyo will share their experiences and ideas of alternative lifestyle that is importantly relevant not only in the Philippines but also the Planet.

Pairez (Artist, Anarchist)
A long time Filipino migrant in Japan and is now currently finishing Bachelor of Fine Arts at University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts. His proposed degree thesis is related to Fukushima’s ongoing nuclear crisis. Jong Pairez is the co-­‐author behind the infamous Solublefish Zine, produced experimental short videos and exhibited works of contemporary art between Tokyo and Manila.

Kaori Yoshida (Artist, Anarchist)
Born in Tokyo, spent childhood in New York, currently residing in Guitar/vocals of the Japanese punk band The Happening. Has a strong, long, on-­‐going background in D.I.Y. punk and political/social activism, including food activism, homeless outreach, anti-­‐capitalist & anti-­‐war activities, etc. Kaori
Yoshida is also a vegan, cat-­‐lover and bike punk.

Hironobu Nishikimi a.k.a. Nobu (Craftsman, Anarchist)
Born, raised and currently residing in Fukushima. Member of Fukushima punk bands Swindles (guitar/vocals) and Band of Accuse (guitar). Interested in delivering his messages of anti-­‐nuke via not only music but also D.I.Y. art such as
drawings, patches, etc. Nobu is also a Japanese lantern craftsman.

THE HAPPENING (Japanese Punk Rock band)
The Happening is a female fronted D.I.Y. punk band based in Tokyo, Japan, although recently bassist Sacchan relocated to Fukushima. The current line-­‐up is Kaori (guitar/vocals), Sacchan (bass/vocals), and Suguru (drums). The songs,
musically, range from hardcore to simple melodic tunes, but the lyrics always have political and social themes. All members also have a political background as well as their long involvement in the punk scene in Japan, and are active in
various struggles of the times. The Happening often plays and organizes shows at D.I.Y. spaces and also at demonstrations and political rallies as well. This is their first tour in the Philippines.

5 October 2013

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