Cho Talks at 98B

Seungki Cho, an intermedia artist and the director of Art Space MITE/Ugro in Gwangju, South Korea, will be having a talk in studio 98B in Cubao, Quezon City on January 30, at 7pm. 

Freewheeling in style, Cho will talk about the projects of MITE-Ugro, a venue and platform for exhibitions, workshops, residencies, and programs for artists engaged in interdisciplinary/experimental art. The space is committed to international exchanges and support for young 
artists. In 2009, Mark Salvatus was one of the artists they hosted; and in 2011, independent curator Clarissa Chikiamco was a participant of the first series of the Asia Young Artist Festival 
(AYAF) initiated by MITE/Ugro.

Cho will also tackle on the place of MITE/Ugro in the constellation of artists, artist-run spaces, the community, and the revival of Dae-In market, a traditional Korean public market where numerous artist studios are based. The transformation of Dae-In market began in 2008 as part 
of the Bokdukbang Project of the 7th Gwangju Biennale under the direction of Okwui Enwezor, which prompted artists to respond to the site through exhibitions, as well as organize events 
and workshops.


Seungki Cho is the director of Art Space Mite-Ugro, a non-profit organization in Gwangju, South Korea. Cho obtained his BFA and MFA in sculpture, both in Chonnam National University in Gwangju. He lives and works in Gwangju, and fosters an international network of artists and other practitioners in line with the goals of Mite-Ugro. 

Established by a group of local artists and curators, Mite Ugro is comprised of exhibition halls, public kitchen, community cafe, guesthouse, and artist studios. Its major activities include holding seminars and workshops, international residency programs, and an exhibition program that harnesses interdisciplinary practice and collaboration. A recent initiative of Mite Ugro is the Asian Young Artist Festival; an experimental cultural festival held between March to May 2011. Artists and curators from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Nepal, Philippines, and Thailand participated in the festival. From the Philippines's end, Independent curator and writer Lisa Chikiamco was invited to be part of this program.

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