Kingdom Of Rebel is a platform made by House of Natural Fiber (HONF) in 2003, this platform provide facilities for creative thinkers in realizing innovative ideas into reality, it will produce people with creative mindset to built a new system, whether it is a result of adoption, adaptation, or innovation.

1. ENERGY ROOM - Chandra Danu Kumoro [Abah] and Sostenes Alfonsos– [5 minutes]
They are the founder of ENERGYROOM, a party organizer and DJ management. Colorize the Yogyakarta nightlife on raves and club party since 2002

2. OPEN APPARREL - Stella Maris and Ratna Djuwita [5 minutes]
A platform that tries to open new opportunities for the fashion industry in Indonesia, or more
broadly. By nature generic and DIY to develop ideas and creativities, so it can compete in local and international markets, developing secondary industries, increase employment opportunities and open new possibilities

3. CANGKANG SERIGALA - Ican Harem [5 minutes]
Cangkang Serigala is a unique band that using black metal karaoke as their main performance platform. They are actively involved in urban art and underground music movement.

4. Area XYZ – Irvin Domi [5 minutes]
Areaxyz.com Web is about youth culture of music, art, events, lifestyle, clothing and anything else that is very close to the activities of young people passionately energetic and creative.

5. Sound Boutique – Lintang Enrico [5 minutes]
Soundboutique Forum established since 2005, which is forum for electronic musician in Yogyakarta. Soundboutique held a electronic music festival continuesly called “Electrocity” 

Total: 50 minutes, Venue: 98B Arts Collaboratory, Escolta. 

RSVP 09393744889 
twitter @98B_Community

House of Natural Fiber
The House Of Natural Fiber (HONF) is a non profit organization runs by a community of artists, scientists and educators in Yogyakarta. They implement Education Focus Program [EFP] as their curriculum
and platform of activities, which is mostly concerned with the needs of cross-collaborative actions responding to technology development and practical use in daily life. HONF runs a fabrication lab

(FABLAB) and hackerspace in Jogjakarta; and the first one of it’s kind in South East Asia.

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