Hirokazu Nagata

98B & Japan Foundation Manila presents Disaster + Design: Disaster preparedness projects developed by creators, lecture by Mr. Hirokazu Nagata

Chair of NPO (non-profit organization) Plus Arts

Japan is well known for earthquakes. The Japanese people have suffered great damage and hardship as a result of large earthquakes occurring regularly all over the country. In 1995, more than 6,400 people died when the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake struck Kobe , Mr. Nagata's hometown. In 2005 against the background of this experience, he conducted interviews and surveys with 167 victims to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the great earthquake. They learned useful knowledge and skills on the site of the disaster, and this research and combined with the dynamic of design and art was used to invent and conduct various disaster preparedness projects. 

In the lecture, Mr. Nagata will introduce these various disaster preparedness projects further developed by different artists, creators and architects over the years.


Hirokazu Nagata was born 1968 in Hyogo Prefecture , Japan . He completed a post-graduate course at Osaka University in 1993 and founded ‘iop City Culture Creation Research Institute' in 2001 (incorporated in 2006). He also established NPO Plus Arts in 2006, for which he serves as Board Chairperson, and is working on the promotion of disaster prevention education within and outside Japan for which he both plans and delivers various events, lectures and seminars. He also acts as disaster preparedness consultant to many companies including Tokyo Gas and MUJI.


Main projects include:‘Iza! Kaeru Caravan' (since 2005).‘JISHIN EXPO' (2006).‘SAVE YOURSELF'(since 2008).‘JISHIN ITSUMO + MUJI' (since 2008). Awards: The 6th Twenty-First Century Town-Making Award and Social Activity Award, The 1st MLIT Town-Making Award, Safety and Comfort Section (from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)

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