98B Research and Project Residency
Japan -Philippines Exchange Program
In search of common visual language in urban spaces

In collaboration, Koganecho Area Management Center (Yokohama) and 98B Art COLLABoratory (Manila) will organize an artist exchange program that aims to establish a creative network between the two cities. For this project, two artists from Yokohama will be hosted in Manila to conduct research with their local artist‐partners. The collaborative research will explore the social and cultural roles of visual languages in Metro Manila. The output of the research will be compiled into a book project that will be distributed to different libraries across the Asian region. It is hoped that this program will result into a pioneering creative exchange between Yokohama and Manila and also provide an alternative model for Artist‐in‐Residence programs.

Jun Honma + Don Djerassi Dalmacio
August 4 – August 17

Yumiko Ishihara + Con Cabrera
August 14 – August 28

The project is granted by Japan Foundation and Pola Art Foundation

Supported by First United Building and Asian Institute for Liturgy and Music (Sambalikhaan)

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