To try to articulate the consciousness of an urban setting such as Manila is to be faced with contradictions and multiplicities. To claim these works as representative of the video art being produced at this particular space and time is careless. The selection is arbitrary and truthfully personal, with no specific thread tying them together except for the fact that the artists are based in or have lived in Manila. The styles and their subject matter occupy a wide range from the fictional to the mundane, from the raw to the polished. Much like the metropolis itself, there is plurality, abstracted semblances of order in the midst of disarray. While some prefer to portray this, others divert their focus on subtlety and quiet. Some choose to focus on narratives, while the rest lean towards highlighting experimentation and technique.
This is merely a compilation of specimens, an attempt to provide a glimpse of the talent and imagery bred in such a city. - Iris Ferrer

Video works from Manila-based artists, Catalina Africa, Juan Alcazaren, Martha Atienza, Vic Balanon, Yason Banal, Lena Cobangbang, Kitty Kaburo, Cocoy Lumbao and Tito/ Tita. The videos were selected and curated by Iris Ferrer.