The HUB | Make Lab is a gathering ground for passionate, quality producers who take pride in what they do and who do it with the utmost care. We are Escolta’s backyard, a place where you can spend quality time in the neighborhood. We hope to promote creative, mindful, and wholesome living and a true sense of community.
The HUB | Make Lab is the heart of Escolta’s artistic and creative nexus.

Before the HUB | Make Lab, 98B COLLABoratory (98B) in partnership with the First United Building Corp. (FUB) have been organizing the Saturday X Future Market @ ESCOLTA (SxFM@E). It has been a great run. Through the monthly Saturday X Future Markets before, we were able to meet a lot of creatives and were able to help jump-start a number of artistic and imaginative efforts.

The learnings derived from the Saturday X Future Market @ Escolta experience stimulated us to develop a new concept. The HUB | Make Lab: where creatives and creations converge daily.

The HUB serves as an incubation space for those who wish to experiment on a more stable and sustainable setting. It is open for sellers and concessionaires of: crafts, interesting art works, limited edition merchandise, innovative food items, upcycled clothes and accessories, independent clothing labels, DIY wares, vintage goods and refurbished antiques. 

The HUB | Make Lab is Everyday Escolta, where artists, creatives, and makers engage everyday with each other, the neighborhood and the people in it.

Each quaint space (ranging from 6.12 to 12.25 square meters in area), open 6 days a week (Tuesday to Sundays from 11am to 8pm), will be available through quarterly open calls. Selected applicants have three months to test the market and put up their trial shops (inclusive of 3 days ingress and 2 days egress). Sellers will be selected based on the following criteria: type of product or merchandise and the proposed design for their spaces.

The HUB maintains the DIY vibe of SxFM@E. Prospective makers are enjoined to conceptualize their individual spaces with the notions of transparency, communal spirit, maker culture and interaction. An exciting addition to the blend is the presence of Fred’s Revolución: a home for sincere drinkers… merrily celebrating the legacy of Lolo Fred, born 1905. The DEN, a cafe and shop that carries great local coffee and locally made products, completes the HUB brew.

Indeed, there are many things to look forward to. Escolta may have seen better days but we can rediscover it through new lenses. Its colorful past can be infused with a fresh palette. Merging its former glory with its newfound identity will usher an impending combination of verve and dynamism. We can make this happen.

Together we can breathe more life to Escolta.


Booth Design Guidelines

HUB: Make lab mechanics and guidelines


 I.        Application (NOTE: Please make sure that you have considered the fees involved when you apply)

A.   Applications must be done through the link provided in the Open Call (

      Applications through e-mail will NOT be entertained

B.   HUB: Make Lab is an incubation space for those who wish to experiment on a more stable and sustainable setting. It is for sellers and concessionaires of:

1.     Crafts

2.     Interesting art works

3.     Limited edition merchandise

4.     Artisanal food (with no kitchen requirements)

5.     Up-cycled clothes

6.     Hand-made accessories

7.     Independent clothing labels

8.     DIY wares

9.     Vintage goods

10.  Refurbished antiques

C.   The following kinds of merchandise are NOT allowed:

1.   Plagiarized works and designs

2.   Illegal substances

3.   Explosives

4.   Firearms

5.   Ammunition

6.   Flammables

7.   Any item that poses risks to the safety and health of HUB visitors

D.   Sellers will be selected based on the following criteria:

1.     Type of product or merchandise

2.     Proposed design for their spaces

3.     After considering the above criteria, spaces are allocated on a first-to-apply-first-served basis.

E.   Through the Open Call link, please provide the following:

1.     Images of products

2.     Description of your line / Brand

3.     Space desired (Note the space number)

4.     Design of the space

a.     Use the provided kit

b.     Send plans/sketches

c.     List materials you wish to use

d.     Basically help us visualize your booth set-up (through words and drawings)

5.     Indicate second and third space choice in case the desired space is not available anymore

F.   Renting of a space under multiple brand names is allowed. We suggest the format “Brand A + Brand B + etc.” Make sure that each brand name sends images and descriptions.

G.   Please ensure the accuracy of all submitted information. Brand names will be written as they appear in the application. Contact information with typographical errors might compromise chances of getting a slot.

H.   Mistakes in the application form can be corrected by simply resending the corrected application before the deadline of applications. The most recent submission will be considered.

I. Selected applicants have three months to test the market and put up their trial shops.


II.        Application Results and Payment

A.     Applicants will be emailed if they have been approved or waitlisted.

1.     Approved sellers must proceed to the Admin of the First United Building (FUB), Room 309 to pay the required fees in order to secure their space. Payment information and these guidelines will be included in the email.

a.     Terms will be as follows:

i.    ONE (1) month deposit on rent and common area dues (NOTE: full amount will be reimbursed once electrical bills, repairs and other incidental costs have been settled)

ii.    Rent will be subject to 12% VAT

iii.   Post-dated checks must be issued for the quarterly rent (3 months)

2.     Rent and dues

a.     Depending on the space, rent ranges from 3,400.00 to 7,400.00 PHP

b.     Depending on the space, dues for the common areas range from 1,020.00 to 2,220.00 PHP (this covers the hallways, general lighting, roving guard, water bills for the common rest room)

c.     Rent and dues will be due on the first day of the month (June 1, July 1, August 1)

d.     Each space will have its own electrical sub-meter, sellers will be billed separately for this. Electrical bill for each space depends on each one’s consumption.

3.   Waitlisted sellers will be offered a slot should an approved seller forfeits their slot; this will usually by the end of the date of payment for approved sellers.

4.   If you did not receive any email that you were approved, it may mean any of the following:

a.   Your application was not approved.

b.   All spaces have been allocated.

B.   Payment instructions:  

1.   Payments should be made directly at Room 309 of FUB

      a.   Only post-dated checks will be accepted

            i.    Please make the checks payable to First United Building Corp.

2.   Payments will be accepted ON THE SPECIFIED DATES INDICATED

3.   Rental payments are non-refundable. 

4.   Once payments are made, you will be required to sign the contract at the Admin in Room 309.

5.   Receipts will be released through the Admin in Room 309.

C.   Please take note that the above mentioned rates are discounted for this year. It may be subject to change the following year. 

·              Separate billing for electricity every month

·              Deposit can be collected once the space has been cleared from electricity dues, repairs, other incidental costs


III.      Orientation for Sellers

A.   Approved sellers are highly encouraged to attend the orientation.

B.   The purpose of the orientation is for 98B, FUB and the sellers to get to know each other, to conduct an ocular on the HUB space and to be oriented with some guidelines and objectives

C.   Orientations are held at 98B: Mezzanine Floor of the First United Building, Escolta, Manila. Directions can be found here:


Guidelines for the Space

▪     Sellers are responsible for their own spaces

▪     Sellers may not deface or nail anything in the area

▪     Sellers may not remove, rearrange, relocate, anything that the HUB has provided

▪     All items displayed for sale must be within the allotted spaces to make things orderly

▪     Each seller is required to keep his or her area clean

▪     No one is permitted to leave any discarded merchandise, boxes, or cartons on the grounds

▪     All sellers are enjoined to have their own locked security boxes/cabinets to ensure the safety of their merchandise at the end of the work day

Space Set Up

▪     Sellers are required to be open 6 days a week, from Tuesdays to Sundays, from 11 am to 8pm.

▪     All sellers must adhere to laws and maintain respectability

▪     Courtesy for your neighbor should be exercised in the display of your merchandise and signs. The view of your neighbor's merchandise should not be blocked. Signs are to be hung in such a manner that they will not be a safety hazard and with prior approval. 

Rules and Regulations

▪     Clean your area before leaving

▪     NOT Permitted: Sale or swap of explosives, firearms, ammunition, flammables, alcoholic beverages, live animals, tobacco products

▪     Sellers are responsible for their children. All children must be kept under control and at your space unless accompanied by an adult.

▪     All pets must be kept on a leash and at your rented space. Sellers are completely responsible for the actions of their pets.

▪     We encourage you to man your own booths (especially for artists). Although you may have friends or assistants to help your personal touch will be enriching not just for you but for the visitors of the HUB as well.


▪     As part of the huB | Make Lab community, you are expected to attend the regular meetings, support events, initiate activities, workshops and events, open on the regular operation days and hours, promote, share, and cross promote in your own individual brands social media accounts the activities of the HUB events and other makers events.

▪     evaluation on the tenant / makers participation in the responsibilities mentioned above will be taken into consideration during the evaluation for contract renewal.

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