We aspire to make art more approachable by involving and incorporating different stakeholders and locales in exhibitions that showcase art and creativity in non-intimidating ways. We try to inculcate a sense of place and identity through cultural resources and responses that are relatable and provocative.


Pan Pacific Industrial Sales Co., Inc. (PANPISCO), a company that sells personal protective equipment, collaborates with 98B in transforming their old store front along Escolta into a project space mainly for exhibitions. Passersby will be able to view various visual forms from local and international artistic projects.

A Prefix // An asteroid // An ephemeral water body contained in a shallow basin // A type of bread // An acoustic instrument // A Croatian lager beer // Type of cookware // A combining form meaning “all” // A Project Space

ESCape Projects

ESCape Projects deal with spatial negotiations, transformations and interventions. It revolves around particular locations, contexts and renditions—whether as flights of the imagination or discharges of the creative spirit. ESCape artists are given the freedom to conceive and visualize new landscapes. This 98B program evolved as a parallel event of the Saturday X Future Market @ ESCOLTA. For the HUB: Make Lab, It continues its experimental platform as a bi-monthly exhibition, activity, installation or creative endeavor.


Moving images... Visual engagement... SCOPE is a bi-monthly episode that compiles videos and moving images from the Philippines and abroad. The projections are organized to serve as an introduction, to help promote the practice and to create a program devoted to video works. Its range takes into consideration diverse themes, geographies, issues and contexts. SCOPE aims to initiate a repository of videos in collaboration with artists, curators and art spaces within the region.


The 98B Team collaborates with various, artists, curators and institutions in executing projects.