ESCAPE: ILOVEYOU VIRUS is a bi-annual exhibition in organized by 98B COLLABoratory in Escolta, Manila. 98B began its ESC Projects as a parallel event with their monthly market. Essentially, “ESCape Projects deal with spatial negotiations, transformations and interventions. It revolves around particular locations, contexts and renditions—whether as flights of the imagination or discharges of the creative spirit.”

It is from this incubator that the notion evolved ESCAPE into a bi-annual exhibition that will run for a week. For 2016, ESCAPE: ILOVEYOU VIRUS, making use of the virus as a launching theme, will feature local and international artists, artworks and projects that will revolve around its different layers. Different viral facets from social, cultural, aesthetic to political representations that have critical and experiential exponents are hoped to be showcased.

ESCAPE: ILOVEYOU VIRUS will also have workshops, talks and walk-throughs as part of its exhibition programming. Situated at the ground floor of the First United Building, the works in progress provide visitors a setting to immerse themselves in the artistic process.