Yuzuru Maeda is one of the participating artists for ESCAPE: ILOVEYOU VIRUS, a bi-annual exhibition in Escolta, Manila. In this regard, we are inviting fun-loving and adventurous people (with or without an art background) to take part in her ZENTAI WALK. Accepted registrants will wear the provided zentai suits and walk along a prescribed route around Manila.

The concept of the zentai walk is simply to have fun. It can be an escape from daily life for the participants or a fun transformation with friends. When one wears zentai, it erases the identity of the face and creates new way of communication. The zentai walk can offer a very unique experience, which questions the identities that we are carrying in everyday life. It will also question what simplified life can offer as the experience erases distinctive differences from each other. According to Yuzuru, “The objective on this walk is to bring the art closer to the public. Anyone can join this zentai walk by just wearing the zentai suits. It presents a full experience to both wearer and the public who will witness the walk. This fun approach will bring art and performance closer to the audience.”

If you wish to take part in this, please register here

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