• 98B (map)
  • 413 Escolta Street
  • Manila, NCR
  • Philippines

We are calling for video works that revolve, respond or react to this theme: VIRUS. Selected works will be included in the SPAM video screening. SPAM is part of ESCAPE: ILOVEYOU VIRUS, a bi-annual exhibition to be launched in Escolta, Manila this February 2016. For the first proposition of the ESCAPE exhibition, it will examine, discuss and infuse “ILOVEYOU VIRUS."

May 2000 marked the emergence of the “ILoveYou” virus which was also known as the “Love Letter” and “LoveBug.” Unbeknownst to many, this computer malware was created by a Filipino I.T. student; originating from a small neighborhood at the heart of Manila. It spread worldwide, creating a lot of damage in the process; it reached 45 million users in a single day. While this event created a huge economic impact and security risks in a negative manner, it also gave rise to the power of technology and small individuals affecting the world. 16 years after the fact, the word virus from its original meaning yielded various domains, forms and subjects infecting the contemporary world—from viral videos in youtube and other networking sites, the youth culture creating trends in fashion, music, technology, and layers of communication by means of hacking and activism that multiplies once its openly released as contagious agent. ILOVEYOU VIRUS will present works that discuss how things, ideas, phenomena and arguments spread worldwide. 

Just like a virus that acts swiftly, we hope to receive your applications on or before February 8, 2016. Please note that your works will be for viewing purposes only and will not serve any commercial purpose. If you wish to be part of this, please send us your works (with the needed information as stated below) on or before February 8, 2016. Please send it to hello@98-b.org with the subject: SPAM Entry. Selected works with corresponding artist names and bios will be properly acknowledged and included in the exhibition notes, program, archive and media releases.