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Capping 2013’s ESC Projects is the Future Primitive Series: CONUNDRUMS & BASS.  This is a Live Video Mapping Installation / Performance on Random 3D Surface & Objects + Noise & Sound Integration by Derek Tumala. 

Sinking Islands. Super Typhoons. Destructive Earthquakes. Volcanic Eruptions. 

Conundrums & Bass is a sensory experience installation about the cause and effects of climate change through a nonlinear narrative. By creating and using images, sounds, audio glitches, noise and electronic sounds, this installation/multimedia projection hopes to recreate the mood brought by climate havoc and characterize the catastrophic effects of climate change. It explores the possibilities of the two-dimensional video format to translate it into a three-dimensional experience through video mapping and animation giving the illusion of movement and spatial reinvention

Conundrums & Bass invites the viewer to interact with his work an hopes to elicit an ongoing dialog about recent events, sustainability, community adaptation and environmental issues.

Conundrums & Bass is part of the Future Primitive Project Series. The series is a self-initiated experimental project that explores unconventional canvasses for visual and auditory experiences through new media. It simulates logical, procedural, and hierarchal movements of nature in integrated media to establish a sensory experiential environment in an unexpected space.


Derek Tumala is a multi-disciplinary artist whose works range from painting, photography, video recording/manipulation, and new media.  His work draws inspiration from day to day interactions and experiences, independent and popular culture, found objects, the obscure and abstract, and his obsession with the future. Derek explores the possibilities of new media, expanding its horizon and subjectivity.

He is also known as Coup d’ Disqo, a music visualizer during live events where he translates live music into various projected images, three-dimensional renderings, and manipulated video recordings.

Apart from these pursuits, Derek is a DJ in his spare time, maintains his merchandise label Slaves of Liberty, and is constantly collaborating with his artist and musician friends. 

Derek is based in Manila, Philippines.