A piece of plywood used as a palette for mixing cement, a cloth covered in minute actions and a pile of cigarettes on a plate.

The objects presented are remnants from the activity of finding resolute actions; their forms, like habits are defined through an accumulation of time. These objects are not solutions themselves - these are scratch pads for the possible. Their existence relies on this distance from an end and only as useful when an action is performed on it. These remnants are records of strategies, the conscious distance before the articulated making.

Kat Medina is a painter and object-maker based in Quezon City.

Installation View,The Solution Before Itself by  Kat Medina. 2015

Installation View,The Solution Before Itself by  Kat Medina. 2015

ESC Projects deal with spatial negotiations, transformations and interventions. It revolves around particular locations, contexts and renditions-- whether as flights of the imagination or discharges of the creative spirit. ESCape artists are given the freedom to conceive and visualize new landscapes. To ESCape is to create a 1 day project, 1 day show, 1 day exhibition. It is a new model which evolved from the parallel events we have initiated in the 98B Saturday Market X Future Market @ ESCOLTA. It is an experimental platform for creatives.

Photos by Marika Constantino