Dancers dance. Poets write. Painters paint. Artists generally express themselves exclusively in the art vocabulary they are eloquent in. "Transfuse" is an exhibit-performance that integrates the work of different creatives into a unified output. The exhibit includes reproductions of the poems, the materials used in movement study sessions for choreography, and projections of the dancers in rehearsal. The performance involves dancers interpreting spoken word recordings through contemporary dance choreography that will recreate a black painted images on canvas reminiscent of calligraphy/ink blots. 

Transfuse hopes to encourage more exploratory collaborations in weaving visual arts, performing arts, digital-multimedia arts, and other artistic expressions.

For this month's Esc Project, the artists will be presenting "To Tomorrow" and "Insomniac, two from the fifteen piece in the spoken word choreography anthology of Franz Pantaleon. Alongside several other production artists and dancers, Franz Pantaleon and Mita Santiago will be creating a line-up of videos and performances involving dancers with different genre backgrounds interpreting his poems into dance.

Poem and Spoken Word Performances: Franz Pantaleon; Transfuse, 2015

Mita Santiago during the "Insomniac" Performance. Transfuse 2015

"Insomniac" explores the conflicting thoughts of one who cannot will himself to sleep and how it relates to the greater scheme of things. Choreography and Dance Performance: Issay Nodalo and Mita Santiago. Transfuse 2015

"To Tomorrow" Choreography and Dance Performance: Brian Moreno
"Insomniac" Choreography and Dance Performance: Issay Nodalo and Mita Santiago
Poem and Spoken Word Performances: Franz Pantaleon
Visual Templates: Des Feliciano
Production: SOUP Creative House, Issay Nodalo, Mita Santiago

"To Tomorrow" Choreography and Dance Performance: Brian Moreno

ESC Projects deal with spatial negotiations, transformations and interventions. It revolves around particular locations, contexts and renditions—whether as flights of the imagination or discharges of the creative spirit. ESCape artists are given the freedom to conceive and visualize new landscapes. To ESCape is to create a 1 day project, 1 day show, 1 day exhibition. It is a new model which evolved from the parallel events we have initiated in the 98B Saturday Market X Future Market @ ESCOLTA. It is an experimental platform for creatives.

Photos by Issay Rodriguez