The Unstable Image: experiments in live cinema

March 23, 2012 - 8pm @ 98B

Tad Ermitano presents some of his works in generative and interactive video.


Tad Ermitaño graduated from the Philippine Science High School in 1981, studied Zoology in the University of Hiroshima, and graduated with a degree in Philosophy from the University of the Philippines. He was also trained in film and video at the Mowelfund Film Institute. He was a founding member of the seminal sound art band The Children of Cathode Ray and is a leading media artist who uses sound, video, programming and electronics in the creation of his films and installations, which have been exhibited in numerous local and international festivals and galleries.

His own unaccompanied single-channel videos are distinguished by an aural and visual sensuousness underpinned by a sequential logic that reflects his training in philosophy and the sciences. His facility with a broad range of technologies has led to his exploration of computers, programming, and electronics to manipulate sound and video in real time. He also maintains Culture Tech, a regular column at