Since 1997 Dirk Flesichmann has been creating a business conglomerate.

Dirk Fleischmann’s art inhabits economic forms and sneaks into given capitalist structures. The art projects intend to create financial profit, which are continuously and completely re-invested. The projects themselves create the budget for the next artistic investment. Thus every project is a transformation of the earlier ones. In other words, the complete profit of all former enterprises is embodied in all the existing projects now. It all started with some chocolate bars for sale in his studio at Städelschule Academy in Frankfurt in 1998. Six years later the subsequent operations merged into a solar power plant. Currently, the sales of mysolarpowerplant and the shirts from myfashionindustries project finance myforestfarm project in the Philippines.

Dirk Fleischmann’s talk at 98B in Cubao, Quezon City, February 10, 2012. 
Presented in cooperation with Green Papaya Art Projects.