July 4, visual artist Marika Constantino gave a talk at Common Room Networks Foundation (http://commonroom.info/ ) about 98B Art COLLABoratory (http://www.98-b.org/ ). We had a good discussion, we shared ideas and experiences. Firstly, on why we need places like Common Room (Bandung) and 98B (Manila). Second, on how we can sustain these place (financially, organization and concerning ideas). Thirdly, on how we can foster ties between Bandung and Manila.
Gustaff (director Common Room) tweeted live during the discussion:http://chirpstory.com/li/12514 

Moderated by Roy Voragen of Roma Arts

Live tweets from Gustaff H. Iskandar
http://chirpstory.com/li/12514  (Bahasa Indonesian)

http://fatumbrutum.blogspot.com/  (Roma Arts)