Curved House

Blanc Compound, Mandaluyong City, Philippines

June 2-23, 2012

The Curved House Concept

Words by Con Cabrera

 The influence that comes from the confessional art of someone like Louise Bourgeois* on the conservative Philippine shores may not be celebrated but definitely acknowledged by the art makers themselves. On her death, a concept of gathering these artists came to life. There are personal ordeals housed and nurtured inside those fragile psyches waiting to be spectated by an audience ready to be disturbed. Interpreted through a wide range of both materials and appearance, represented by things that are organic or found, the oneness of the woman sentiment will definitely be revered in this showcase. In the same manner how Bourgeois let’s her work simmer and develop through layers of experience, this process driven exhibition took two years of data gathering, discussions and constant correspondence to complete. It’s opening to the public on the 2nd day of June, few days away from Bourgeois’ death anniversary, may be the end of the production process, but it also is another stage of the whole undertaking. It will signify the readiness of the works to be shared to a wider audience, expanding the discourse that emerged since the conception of the show, which is the relevance of the art of Bourgeois and woman art in general in the present time. That it needs to have a place in a conservative culture, that it’s voice needs to be heard in pandemonium.

Con Cabrera is currently the head of 98B Research & Development

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