98B Talks and Pilipinas Street Plan presents

Meeting of Characters (KL)

at 98B Escolta | 2PM
Mezzanine floor, 413 First United Building
Escolta St. Binondo, Manila

Jood 09155889456

The aim of “Meeting of Characters (M.O.C.)” is to discover character artists in Malaysia. Every year, characters (urban characters, realistic characters, monster, etc.) gather at one spot for the production. Their artwork is promoted to the audience and the general public. The objective of this event is to create attraction and attention to a seemingly abandoned place. Their work is not limited by race, profession and platform. M.O.C. is reflective of the beauty and harmony of gathering.

This event began in 2007 in Damai, Kuala Lumpur. The idea emanated from 2 friends, Snozze & Violent a.k.a. VLT Crew. Both of them shared a common interest: “value for characters”. After the 1st M.O.C., the character jam became an annual event.

How to get to 98b Escolta by train?
1. Take the LRT to Carriedo
2. Walk to Escolta and go to 413 Escolta St. First United Building after the creek. Landmark: East West Bank & UCPB on the groundfloor, In front of JRS Express/PLDT
3. 98B is at the Mezzanine!

Only 30 minutes away from QC by train, no traffic and no joke. :)