98B presents the first installment of rePORTS, a new venue under the program “Talks”. It begins with a dock, harbor or airport; this starting point brings forth different occurrences which become more meaningful when it is communicated to others. As such, it features local artist presentations of their trips, residencies, or conferences outside of the Philippines. rePORTS aims to provide a platform where artists who have gone overseas can impart to the local art community the process they went through before, during and after these trips, and more significantly, their experiences and learnings.

The presentors for rePORTS Vol. 01 are:

Mark Salvatus: Limburg, Belgium for Hotel Immigrantes, a parallel event of Manifesta 9. He will talk about the importance of ArtisteConnect’s role, a crowd-sourcing website, on his participation in Hotel Immigrantes and will tackle this alternative way of securing funds outside of institutional means.

Marika Constantino: Bandung, Indonesia for Arte Polis 4 conference and her residency at Roma Arts. She will briefly touch on the underrated power of networking and how opportunities abroad push you to step out of your comfort zones.

Con Cabrera: Singapore for HAO Summit. She will talk about the conference’s topic of culture and subculture. She will also present the idea of collaboration and co-production of knowledge.

98B “Talks”: rePORTS Vol. 01 will happen on Saturday, 1 September 2012, 3 pm at 98B Art COLLABoratory, Mezzanine Floor, First United Building, 413 Escolta, Manila. This is to be preceded by the raffle draw for 98B’s Enveloped at 1 pm