Fold-up tables and benches were setup. Mats and rugs decked with toys, cd’s, zines, artworks, limited edition clothes, accessories, and food were laid out on the sidewalk and the garage floor. The sound of people talking and mingling filled the air. No, this is not your run-of-the-mill bazaar. This is 98B’s Future Market Vol. 1, a pop-up bazaar, garage sale, thrift shop which was held last Feb. 4, 2012 from 1:00 pm till 8:00pm at the 98B space in Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines.

Besides being a bazaar, 98B co-founder Mark Salvatus explains that the project is also an exploration into an alternative kind of discussion and forum. “We live our daily lives similar to a market place.” Says Mark. “Everyday we trade ideas, we trade information. We see it as a good model to apply for the Future Market project but in the context of community. Instead of a forum, where people talk to discuss ideas, we use this kind of platform for discussion through a market place setting. Just like what is happening everyday in the Philippines, the palengke (public market) or sari-sari (variety) store plays a role as a venue for forums and discussions aside from its retail aspect. Just like those who hang around in front of the sari-sari store to drink and play chess, that eventually leads to discussion about everyday life, politics, society, and even gossip about the neighbors. But with the rise of hyper-marts and big supermarket chains, those kinds of interactions and discussions get lost. That small scale trade of information and daily interaction disappears. What only remains is the interaction between buyer and product. That’s why we plan to make the monthly Future Market bazaar thematic.”

The sellers and participants too found the Future Market project and concept interesting. Future Market project head Pau Reyes shares the feedback she got from volume one’s participants: “Based on those that I have talked to and those that have participated in the first event, the participants were happy that there are these kinds of efforts where fellow artists are the organizers. They don’t need to wait for big bazaar organizers to provide a venue for them.”

She also says that the participants found the exchange of ideas, design and art in the project also invaluable. “That is what Future Market is. It is a great venue for artist sellers to get together and to see what other artist sellers are creating. They are inspired by each other. Future Market also provides a venue for them to start creating stuff, not just only selling your stuff.”

98B also sees this monthly exercise as an opportunity for community building. “Just like how economies are built up through trade. What we would like to explore here is the building of communities through the trade of ideas with this small retail experience, helping each other through supporting other artists and the local entrepreneurs in the community.” Mark adds.

Future Market vol. 1 featured merchandise from As in Shop, Nine Iron, Saturnina Basilla, Baka, Boy Agimat, ConCab’s Limp Bisquit and Cookie Chua, VR, Mindlessrobot, Art50, Anak ng Kwek-kwek, Buen Abrigo, Mimi Tecson, Sapin Sapin Tansan Accessories, Wild Wires, Jood, Whoop, Ron Ritzy, and site-specific works by Pilipinas Street Plan and Don Dalmacio. Every month, 98B will be featuring a pool of old and new crafters, artists, groups, and organizations for the next iterations of the Future Market project.


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