JUNE 04, 2016 7PM

Featuring works by:

RV Sanchez
Bugz Saavedra
Mark Deutsch
Ernest Diño

In the last 10 years Cebu along with the rest of the world has gone through a tremendous amount of transformation. The unbridled growth of our skyline with the slow but sure connectivity of our islands. We’ve been connected to the internet for the last decade but it is only in these last few years that technology and internet have had a profound impact on our society. Case and point we are the ‘selfie’ capital of the world. We have outstripped India as the call-center capital of the world. This new societal condition of the ‘information age’ juxtaposed against traditional Filipino mentality has generated many new paradoxes.

The artist represented in Scope: Cebu have utilized new digital media and process initially developed for commercial production of digital services to explore and produce their own creative vision.

Videos were selected by Flaime and Tropical Futures Institute

Moving images... Visual engagement... SCOPE is a bi-monthly episode that compiles videos and moving images from the Philippines and abroad. The projections are organized to serve as an introduction, to help promote the practice and to create a program devoted to video works. Its range takes into consideration diverse themes, geographies, issues and contexts. SCOPE aims to initiate a repository of videos in collaboration with artists, curators and art spaces within the region.