June 04 2016 | 4PM
PAN/// 98B Escolta
Ground Floor Panpisco Building
246 Escolta, Manila

Manufacture Consent.
New installation by Ben Vitualla

I am interested in the notion of faceless crime and the intersection of vulnerability.

Referencing the safe space of homes by incorporating a flower element found in houses around the world. Creating figurative images in the background and the use of guns for protection. The black silhouettes of figures are carrying assault rifles to some a tools to protect as well as tools for crime, and suggest violence or at very least the threat of force. The work encourages dialogue around gun safety, crime in the community, power and safety, and the cultural climate of the country.

Ben Vitualla was born in Cebu, Philippines. In 1979 his family moved to United States. He received a BFA in studio art in University of Memphis and a MFA from Vermont Collage of Fine Arts. He is now living in Nashville, TN where his studio practice utilizes research as integral component on responding to crime prevention and awareness. His collaborative mixed media projects are created by using photography, sculpture, painting, and video.

Currently Ben is managing Blend Studio downtown Nashville. Blend Studio is a space for artist to create and developed work that engages in a collaborative practice that response to contemporary topics. He is currently an adjunct professor at Austin Peay State University. Ben has exhibited work regionally and nationally in Nashville Public Library, Nashville, TN, Material Art Space, Memphis, TN, Rawls Museum, Courtland, VA, and Salisbury University, Salisbury, MD.

PAN/// is a project space initiated by 98B COLLABORATORY and Panpisco Sales Inc. using the old store front of the company along Escolta street in 2014. It was created as a platform for exhibitions and projects for young and experimental artists and creatives from the Philippines and abroad.