June 04 2016 | 4PM
PAN/// 98B Escolta
Ground Floor Panpisco Building
246 Escolta, Manila

LINDSLEE: Paranoia of the Plutocrats

The rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer. Lindslee’s installation responds on the seeming government control by the wealthy, mighty and influential.

His work depicts the paranoia of the affluent and the powerful. They hire a bunch of body guards and security personnel to protect their collections - art, high end cars, mansions, gold and other material things. To a certain degree, this conveys a particular line of thought: that luxuries are more valuable than LIFE itself. It is unfortunate that people tend to overlook the essence of a meaningful existence due to the value placed on commodoties.

Lindslee depicts the ridiculous side of a “caught in the act” scenario; it connotes a certain denial of what has been blatantly seen by the eyewitness or felt by one’s conscience. 

PAN/// is a project space initiated by 98B COLLABORATORY and Panpisco Sales Inc. using the old store front of the company along Escolta street in 2014. It was created as a platform for exhibitions and projects for young and experimental artists and creatives from the Philippines and abroad.