98B COLLABoratory is proud to welcome Dito Yuwono and Mira Asriningtyas to its Project & Research Residency Program.  This is the third time that 98B has taken art practitioners under its wing to assist them in their specific undertakings.  Dito is a contemporary photographer while Mira is a curator; both are based in Jogjakarta in Indonesia.  They will be in Manila for two weeks to work on their creative projects and experience the local art scene.  They will be presenting these at 98B.


Dito Yuwono - Have We Met?

Dito Yuwono is a young contemporary photographer from Mes56 artist collective. For the past 3 years, his works have focused on portraiture. One of his notable works is the “Have We Met?” project.  Here he portrays faces in a simple way. This project takes us to a closer and more intimate recognition of a person by lessening the other attributes through extreme close up portraiture. During the residency, Dito would like to document the faces of the community in Manila. He is interested in documenting how the relationship between the viewer and the subject changes in this new context. Manila fits in the “Have We Met” project concept because of its social diversity. Later, he would like to bring the portraits from Manila back to Yogyakarta, and see how the project evolves again.

This process of face documentation has been more than documentation of faces but also a documentation of the citizen in certain space and time, and also documenting the history of a certain area through its people. History is built by its people, thus, the documentation of people's face is important.

Mira Asriningtyas  - The Dream Collector

Mira Asriningtyas call herself a collector of the unseen—and describes herself as a story teller. Aside from her curatorial practice, she also does the action and executes the project she initiates. Her project, “The Dream Collector” is a project she made in 2010 for her magazine, Huff. During the project, she gave a piece of colorful paper for people to write their dream on, anonymously. Her ‘respondents’ are random people from random background and ages. Most of them are strangers she meets in cafés, on the street, in the university, or even in the middle of a music concert. The process was considered surprisingly delightful and heartwarming. The result is somehow a little bit surprising seeing how similar people share their dream in a country where the educational system and standard of living is generalized as a result of previous 30 years of repressive government. In one way or another, it is also hopeful to see some people stay true to their dream no matter how silly it might sound in this kind of society.  She wonders what it might be like to collect the dreams of people from Manila anonymously and let the colorful piece of paper dreams tell the story about the city and the society itself.

Group - Reminiscence Project

The idea is about collecting stories (or oral history) of Manila through taking pictures of a site where something important or interesting (whether it is historical or not) without being too touristy. For that purpose, we would need to conduct a small research on the city.