BS1 Talks

Art Education and Curation: Activating Spaces for Community Engagement

The BS1 Talks series is anchored on the notion that a myriad of socio-economic and cultural problems may productively be addressed with creative solutions, and that the evolving of these solutions requires the activation of both the individual and collective imagination. The independent platform, Back to Square One/Juan (BS1) stakes it’s faith in this invoking of artistic thought and action to address everyday and long-term difficulties besetting our communities as this invoking hinges on art education and curation, or simply the mapping, mobilizing, and dispersing of power over resources whether human, spatial, and/or environmental. Rather than merely adding to the already hackneyed collective lament over how mismatches operate in terms of needs and means in the Philippines, BS1 Talks: Art Education and Curation hopes to enable the sharing of ideas and experiences about how we, through the staging (physical reconfiguration and re-imaging of sites) learning spaces such as museums, independent art spaces, and schools, might indeed become more agile in shifting our methods and mindsets, paying attention to nuances and possibilities grounded in the localities where we work, live, and move within. BS1 Talks: Art Education and Curation is also one of BS1’s overt efforts to move away from what has been perceived as Manila-centric discursive and organizing channels that ultimately determine the shape and momentum of art production, reception, and circulation. 

Back to Square 1 is an independent initiative of emergent as well as battle-worn artists and cultural workers collectively seeking a conscious return to originating impulses—a revisiting of the core urges from which we first sought to create art across platforms counting upon specificities (visual, music, dance, theatre, film, literature) as well as crossovers and hybrids of these diverse forms (such as new media and performance art). Incubated over some seven years, BS1formally launched in 2013 its first year of broadly ambitious as well as pocket projects made up of exhibitions, mini-festivals, fora, and other networking/organizing efforts which hope to contribute to creating synergy across various sites and among as broad a spectrum of art agents making up the Philippine artworld. 

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Venue: Museo Negrense de la Salle, USLS
10am Welcome/On Broadening the Notions of Art/Learning Spaces (BS1 representative- TBC)
10-10:45 am Art Educ via Museums/Institutions: Clem del Castillo, Balay ni Tan Juan, Tanya Lopez, Negros Museum, Lyn Marie Mapa on Museo Negrense de la Salle, USLS
11-11:45 am Artists as Community Enablers Representative of NCCA PCEP, Richard Gappi on Neo-Angono Public Art Festival/Neo outreach, Marika Constantino on 98B Collaboratory on Future Market, Radel Paredes, USC on Mobilizing and Enabling Artists for Disaster Response
1:30-2:15 pm Expanding Reach: Figuring In- and out-of-school Publics: Irene Gaston on Panakayon sa Negros, other Western Visayas museum community initiatives, Jade Snow Calderon-
Dionzon on Negros Summer Workshops in USLS, Claro Ramirez on BS1 initiatives in UPLB, PWU 
2:30 -3:30 pm Organizing, Collaborating, and Self-Education: Dennis Ascalon (on organizing/programs/activities of BAA/Produksyon Tramontina filmmakers/on the Visayas experience at SB2013), Cristina Taniguchi, Mariyah Gallery/Dumaguete Terracotta Biennial, Antonio Alunan Wenceslao, Foundation University on VIVA-EXCON
3:30-4 pm Q&A/Distribution of Certificates
4-6:30 Travel to Ruins, Talisay for screening of Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes’s film, Sonata

Venue: Negros Museum/Orange Gallery
10 am – 5pm Magmart video marathon at Negros Museum, whole day viewing
5:30-7 pm Survey of Contemporary Art Practices: Artists’ Talks/Slideviews of Orange Gallery and other Negros-based artists, moderated by Dennis Ascalon/Jade Snow Calderon-Dionzon

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