Flyover: YokohaManila | Guide + Report

98B's first book project! 

This is the output of 98B's first Research & Project Residency Program and the Koganecho Area Management Center's first artist-in-residency program outside Japan. 

It is a residency report by artists Jun Homma, Don Dalmacio, Con Cabrera and architect Yumiko Ishihara made into a guidebook to Manila. 

500 copies first printing. Not for sale. 

Residency Participants:
Jun Homma
Yumiko Ishihara
Don Djerassi Dalmacio
Con Cabrera

Book Staff

Gabriel Villegas
Editor / Art Director

Anjo Bolarda

Mark Salvatus
Mik Laborde
Zyrael Genesis Fortes
Mayumi Hirano
Marika B. Constantino
Contributing Writers

Pau Reyes
Contributing Graphic Artist

Camz Dagal
Layout Artist

Contributing artists for Con's pages
Vermont Coronel II
Zeus Bascon
Kat Medina
Bru Sim

Published by the 
Koganecho Area Management Center

Through the generous support of
Japan Foundation
Pola Art Foundation